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The 8 members of AOA all live in the same dorm. Many of us wonder how 8 girls can live in harmony together and just what dorm life is really like. Through This interview we hope to understand what dorm life is really like.
Jimin Is like a Father and Choa is like a Mother
AOA members live together as one harmonious family. They are affectionate with each other and fill the dorm with warmth. Leader Jimin is just like a father to the other members .Jimin keeps the mischievous members of AOA in line as well as keeping the dorm quiet and the members respectful ,just like a father would.
If Jimin is the father then Choa is most defiantly the mother.
Choa has the most sincere and serious personality within AOA . Choa,will cook and look after the members if they are sick. She also comforts and encourages the other members when they feel down. Mina added that Choa is not like an unnie to her but she is someone that reminds her of her mother.
Yuna is the “eldest child” within the AOA Family .”Parents”Jimin and Choa don’t need to worry about Yuna as she takes good care of the other members . Jimin added that ” Yuna is her “Kind-hearted eldest daughter”
Youkyung is thea quiet brother who dosn’t like to speak
Chanmi is the spoilt maknae and AOA’s resident wild child. Yuna never scolds Chanmi for her mischievous behavior.
Mina looks just like a maknae due to her baby like looks, she like to act cute just like a real maknae.

According to the roommate’s ” sleeping habits”
As AOA live together in the dorm the management expects AOA to take responsibility of their living quarters Compared to the dorm, AOA spend more time in the practice room.
As for Chores first, Yuna and Hyejeong will gather up the clothes together and put them into the washing machine.
After they’re done,Jimin and Mina will unload the washing machine and Seolhyun will fold the clothes.Youkyung and Chanmi are in charge of doing the dishes..
AOA members have 3 rooms in their dorm. Mina,Choa,Seolhyun and Hyejeong shared one room. They called their room the “Quiet Room”. As after Hyejeong comes back from exercise,most of the time she will go straight to sleep and the other members do the same.
Chanmi, Jimin and Youkyung Share a room.They called their room the “Come To Play Room”. They are by far the loudest room in the dorm. Everday Youkyung will sleep until 5-6 a.m.
Yuna and AOA;s manager share the same room. They called the room the ” Love Room”.

rough translation by @ Jaelim
edited by Ace-of-Angels


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[Trans] Y interview


Youkyung is a fan of Super Junior’s Heechul. He is the one who has made Youkyung finding her dream. One day at a show, Heechul mentioned that he likes Dir en grey.
Youkyung said, “Before that I didn’t know what kind of Dir en grey band is, so I listen to their songs. At first I was liked “What kind of music is this?” Then I listen to the drum sound and it become more in line with my heart. And so I began learning drum and have a dream to become a drummer. If I met him I want to tell him ‘Thank you for making me found my dreams’.”
Source & Translation: @_Jaelim
Repost: AceOfAngels8

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Choa entered FNC through Juniel. Due to the fact that she was so highly recommended by Juniel she got to skip all the selective trials .At first Choa only wanted to focus on singing but eventually she learned both the keyboard and the drums.


Jimin lived in China for two years. As her cousin lives in china she was able to easily adapt. Once she returned back to South Korea her mother and older sister gave her money to enroll in Chinese school but she used the money to enroll in a school of music instead. She says if she hadn’t of done that she would not have become a singer. The L in Jimin’s angel name Jiminel stands for leader.

Yuna began to perform piano at the age of 7. Her dream as a child was to become the Korean Alicia Keys.She has a great deal of respect for Lena Park,Lim Jeong Hee and Gummy.

Before debut, Hyejeong already had played a small role in  the drama ” A Gentleman’s Dignity ‘,although her role was very small she was happy as it was her first time acting. Hyejeong was a model for her school and also a cheerleader.

-Before Youkyung joined AOA,she was the drummer for SPONGE Band. As she was interested in performing she enrolled into a music school,the teacher from the school was the producer for FNC’s upcoming Band and recommended her to join..Youkyung is more interested in performing on the drums than singing.

-Mina loves to write. In the future she would love to have a chance to write a Fiction Novel. As she loves to write she also enjoys writing rap lyrics. She want’s to write lyrics that inspire people to the point where she is known as the crazy rapper.When She’s alone she loves to sketch and color.

-Seolhyun was the winner of the 8th Annual Smart Model contest in 2010. She also become trainee in 2010, her dream is to become an award winning actress in the future but  for now she wishes to be a member of AOA and become a good singer

-Chanmi had the dream to became singer  ever since she saw BOA on the television as a child. In her second grade of junior high she became a FNC trainee. After she met FT Island and CNBlue her desire to become a singer grew drastically. Chanmi was always more interested in music and dancing then academics so she enrolled in the school of broadcast so she could focus more on music.

Translation Credits: @_Jaelim repost by: ace-of-angels

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[interview] k-pop makers: fnc entertainment ceo han seong ho

“There are three major entertainment companies in Korea called ‘Big 3.’ The year 2013 is the starting year for us to grow even bigger than them.”

Those are the words from FNC Entertainment CEO Han Seung Ho. He’s not just saying them either.

After raising CNBLUE, FT Island, Juniel and AOA, FNC Music recruited actors Lee Dong Gun and Yoon Jin Seo and changed the company name to FNC Entertainment. The move echoes the company’s goal to expand beyond K-Pop and into K-culture. Their new location in Chung Dam Dong* is a four-story building with three underground levels; It’s the symbol of FNC Entertainment’s energetic step into the year 2013.

“This year, CNBLUE and FT Island will both go on a world tour. CNBLUE had a concert in England and FT Island debuted in Europe. We want to keep pushing that. They will be going around the world including USA, Europe and Oceania.”

CNBLUE and FT Island introduced themselves to the US through a joint concert in LA last summer. For the American music market that thought K-POP just meant dance, CNBLUE and FT Island were a new discovery.

“It’s still not a genre that’s widely accepted in Korea. That disappoints the members and me the most. Obviously, we need to be loved in Korea before we can be known abroad. But it’s also true that we rely on other countries to make up for that. Plus, music officials abroad feel fresh about K-POP. I saw a possibility in that. And now, I am confident about world tours even to hold a super concert.”

Up until last year, CEO Han pushed for localization as a key to K-POP’s international success. But now, he emphasizes “balance.” It’s because K-POP has established itself as a brand. After BOA and TVXQ introduced K-POP through localization in Japan in early 2000, the time has come for a world star PSY to sing “Gangnam Style” in Korean. Now, FNC Entertainment artists are getting ready to diversify K-POP.

“The culture has grown and situations have changed through YouTube. It’ll become important to find a balance between showing K-POP’s original color and localization.
I strongly feel that bands like FT Island and CNBLUE need to succeed in global communication through this year’s world tour for more musicians to join us.”

CEO Han Seong Ho plans to apply FNC Entertainment’s own balance to music. He means if the old K-POP has changed its style within a large frame for localization, just giving an emphasis should be enough for the new K-POP.”

“We can now attract enough audience for a super concert anywhere in the world. More people love Korean music and Korean artists. They are ready to accept us as the way we are. When we don’t disappoint them, K-POP can get upgraded. So the members should always work hard to improve themselves. “

CEO Han is a musician who performed as a college band vocalist. As a former band-member, who dealt with concerts over music 20 years ago, he understands his artists better than anyone else.

“There could be a gap between the music I want to do and the music I have to do. But when I see kids come on audition programs and play instruments, I can’t give up. I am sure that FT Island and CNBLUE are at the center of this change. Unless a band sows a path to success, a band music could never bloom.”

CEO Han is planning a family concert to solidify FNC Entertainment’s own color. He plans on opening concerts in Korea and all over the world. He is determined to showcase ‘band musician’ and build a foundation for Juniel, AOA and trainees.

“Many fans recognize FNC Entertainment’s color when they hear FT Island, CNBLUE and Juniel. They may not be able to explain it exactly, but they think us differently from other artists. I want to really show that off this year. Through family concerts, I plan to overturn the thought that band music isn’t diverse, and pull up FNC Entertainment as a brand.”

*Chung Dam Dong: One of the most fancy areas in Seoul. It’s a home to the wealthy, big companies, and international and national luxury fashion boutiques.

Source: Hankook Magazine + DJ. Pri (translations) // Twitter: @ChocopieK

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[Interview] 121230 AOA Yuna “Special birthday gift? During trainee days, dad bought me a perfume”


Q: [First birthday after debut, how do you feel?]

Yuna: It’s been a while since I ate delicious foods happily. It feels like spending the New Year’s Eve as my birthday is on the 30th in 2012, I think it’ll stay as a special and meaningful birthday.

Q: [What’s the difference between this year and last year birthday?]

Yuna: Last year’s birthday was really busy to get ready for debut. Seems like I was greeted with title song and dance practice with the dance teacher on the 30th. Birthday this time, being able to talk with the members and manager eonnis together as a group, I really like that.

Q: [Words that you want to hear and words that you don’t want to hear on your birthday?]

Yuna: Words that I want to hear the most, “Happy birthday, Yuna-ya, I love you”. Words that I don’t want to hear of course would be, “Why did you born? Keke?”.

Q: [Yuna’s most desirable age? What are the reasons?]

Yuna: I’m now anticipated for the age of 30 years old. You know there’s a said of 30-year-old woman. ^_^ By then, I think you can afford anything. I’m 21 years old but I still don’t think I’m an adult yet, by then (age of 30) I seem to have been a real adult.

Q: [What was your birthday dream?]

Yuna: My mom said a white tiger jumped into her arms.

Q: [When was your most memorable birthday?]

Yuna: My last birthday was spent as Busan. My hometown is in Busan, my friends got me a huge birthday party. When we’re students, we don’t have a lot of money. They made a birthday party at the park decorated with a huge paper filled with birthday letters.”

Q: [What was the special gift you received?]

Yuna: A gift full of sincerity is special to me. Nevertheless, when I was a trainee and after I left home, my dad bought me a perfume. It’s still really special.

Q: [What was a special gift you received?]

Yuna: I like all gifts that are full of sincerity. Something like a letter, I really like it.

Q: [For your birthday, if you were awarded a day off, what would you do with it?]

Yuna: I want together with the members eat delicious foods and hang out at the sea.

Q: [What was a wish you always made when you were younger? Did it come true?]

Yuna: I wanted a piano, dad knew about it and bought it for me. ><

Q: [How do you imagine your birthday in 10 years?]

Yuna: By then I’m going to be 30 years old, so I guess we’ll be doing a birthday party with friends and family leisurely.

Q: [Is there someone you would like to thank on your birthday?]

Yuna: First of all my family, for always being there and take care of me, words aren’t enough for me to thank you. And also our members and manager eonnis, teachers for wishing happy birthday, thank you very much, I wouldn’t have been here without you.

source: Nate

Translated by @FYAOA.

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[VID] 121218 – exclusive interview – AOA

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[VID] 120918 enews AOA Interview – Jung Yonghwa Story

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