[Interview] 121230 AOA Yuna “Special birthday gift? During trainee days, dad bought me a perfume”


Q: [First birthday after debut, how do you feel?]

Yuna: It’s been a while since I ate delicious foods happily. It feels like spending the New Year’s Eve as my birthday is on the 30th in 2012, I think it’ll stay as a special and meaningful birthday.

Q: [What’s the difference between this year and last year birthday?]

Yuna: Last year’s birthday was really busy to get ready for debut. Seems like I was greeted with title song and dance practice with the dance teacher on the 30th. Birthday this time, being able to talk with the members and manager eonnis together as a group, I really like that.

Q: [Words that you want to hear and words that you don’t want to hear on your birthday?]

Yuna: Words that I want to hear the most, “Happy birthday, Yuna-ya, I love you”. Words that I don’t want to hear of course would be, “Why did you born? Keke?”.

Q: [Yuna’s most desirable age? What are the reasons?]

Yuna: I’m now anticipated for the age of 30 years old. You know there’s a said of 30-year-old woman. ^_^ By then, I think you can afford anything. I’m 21 years old but I still don’t think I’m an adult yet, by then (age of 30) I seem to have been a real adult.

Q: [What was your birthday dream?]

Yuna: My mom said a white tiger jumped into her arms.

Q: [When was your most memorable birthday?]

Yuna: My last birthday was spent as Busan. My hometown is in Busan, my friends got me a huge birthday party. When we’re students, we don’t have a lot of money. They made a birthday party at the park decorated with a huge paper filled with birthday letters.”

Q: [What was the special gift you received?]

Yuna: A gift full of sincerity is special to me. Nevertheless, when I was a trainee and after I left home, my dad bought me a perfume. It’s still really special.

Q: [What was a special gift you received?]

Yuna: I like all gifts that are full of sincerity. Something like a letter, I really like it.

Q: [For your birthday, if you were awarded a day off, what would you do with it?]

Yuna: I want together with the members eat delicious foods and hang out at the sea.

Q: [What was a wish you always made when you were younger? Did it come true?]

Yuna: I wanted a piano, dad knew about it and bought it for me. ><

Q: [How do you imagine your birthday in 10 years?]

Yuna: By then I’m going to be 30 years old, so I guess we’ll be doing a birthday party with friends and family leisurely.

Q: [Is there someone you would like to thank on your birthday?]

Yuna: First of all my family, for always being there and take care of me, words aren’t enough for me to thank you. And also our members and manager eonnis, teachers for wishing happy birthday, thank you very much, I wouldn’t have been here without you.

source: Nate

Translated by @FYAOA.


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