Name: (신지민) Shin Ji Min
Name Stage: (지민) Jimin
Angel Name: (지민엘) Jiminel
Birthday: January 8, 1991
Blood Type:AB
Height: 160 cm
Weight: 43 kg
Position: Leader, Guitarist, Rapper, Dancer

ideal type :  a man who is cool, sexy yet kind like Ha Jung Woo 

Sleeping habits : Expert-Rapping

  • AOA “Rute player, and the leader of 7 angels”
  • She raps in her sleep.
  • jimin was once so addicted to drinking coke (on trainee)
  • CF she want to shoot is a clothing brand CF
  • Interested in music since young age (via: aceofangels8 )
  • Learned guitar, harmonica & piano (via: aceofangels8 )
  • At first she thought it was just a short language course, but then she actually went to Chinese language school for 2 years. From 2nd year of middle school to 1st year of high school (via: aceofangels8 )
  • Registered to Practical Music School connected next to the Chinese Language School (via: aceofangels8 )
  • Jimin’s desire to play music made her kept the secret from her parents about attending the Music School for a long time (via: aceofangels8 )
  • Jimin suffered from Carpal Tunnel syndrome and underwent surgery 3 years ago (via: aceofangels8 )
  • Jimin and other AOA members had written almost 20 songs (via: aceofangels8 )
  • Jimin has a yellow guitar named, Banana and Banana is Juniel’s guitar Panini’s sister. (via: aceofangels8 )
  • Jimin likes rain. (via: aceofangels8 )

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