AOA (Ace of Angels) (에이오에이) is a South Korean idol girl group and band, produced by FNC Entertainment.

Member :

  1. Choa 
  2. Jimin 
  3. Yuna 
  4. Y
  5. Hyejeong 
  6. Mina 
  7. Seolhyun 
  8. Chanmi

These groups are constructed of

  • (AOA Black) (Choa, Jimin, Yuna, Y and Mina)
  • (AOA White) (Choa,Jimin,Hyejeong,Mina,Seolhyun,Chanmi,Yuna)
  • The groups debuted on July 30, 2012 with their single album Angel’s Story.
  • The eight members were introduced individually through eight different teaser photos released from July 16, 2012 to July 23, 2012 (in order: Seolhyun, Choa, Hyejeong, Chanmi, Yuna, Mina, JiMin & Youkyoung (Y)).
  • AOA was revealed to be a dance group, with some members also playing instruments. Youkyoung (or “Y”) is listed as a “half-angel/half-mortal”, because she is only a member of the band half, playing the drums, resulting in AOA saying they are a “7+1” group.Explaining the concept of their debut FNC revealed that the seven “full angel” members (Seolhyun, Choa, Hyejeong, Chanmi, Yuna, Mina, and leader Jimin) looked on the human world through their crystal ball, and fell in love with the music of humanity. Youkyoung, the “half-angel, half-mortal”, also referred to as the key keeper, became curious about the human world and used the key to visit it with the other angels.
  • The first MV Teaser for “Angel’s Story” was released on July 24, 2012 and the second teaser was released on July 26, 2012.
  • “Angel’s Story” was leaked on July 28, 2012 with 2 days before the official release.
  • The music video for the title track “ELVIS” was released on July 30, 2012.
  • AOA had their first debut stage on 9 August on M!Countdown following by Music Bank on the 10th August.
  • HyeJeong appeared in FT Island’s music video “I Wish.” the MV was released on September 10,2012
  • FNC confirmed that the group will be making a comeback with their 2nd Single album “Wannabe” to be released on October 11.
  • The Wannabe” album cover was released along with the announcement, depicting the 8 members as different fictional characters. Hyejeong, Jimin, Choa, Yuna, Chanmi, Mina, Seolhyun and Youkyoung dressed as characters from Kill Bill, Léon, Legally Blonde, Tomb Raider, Harry Potter, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Romeo and Juliet, and The Fifth Element respectively. It was confirmed that 5 member band unit, AOA Black will perform on stage on the first week of promotions for “Get Out”.  AOA Black made their first comeback appearance on October 10 broadcast of KM’s Music Triangle and performed band version of “Get Out” for the first time. The band will make their second appearance on the October 12 broadcast of KBS2’s Music Bank.
  • Official Fanclub Name: ELVIS , Announced on: November 21, 2012





More Facts :::

  • AOA member parents have gotten so close with each other that they meet up for dinners and even plan overnight trips.
  • None from AOA member has brother. Jimin,Mina and Seolhyun have older sister. Youkyung and Yuna have younger sister. Chanmi and Choa both have older sister and younger sister. But for Hyejeong she is the only child. (via : aceofangels8)
  • Actually at the first, band and dance group are practice separately(the white team in the morning,the black team in the afternoon),after the combination (Band+Dance), AOA (via : aceofangels8)
  • Band team and Dance team (Hyejeong,Chanmi,Seolhyun) practice from morning till lunch time, at 7 P.M. then the 7 members will gather together and practice dancing again. (via : aceofangels8)
  • At the first AOA can’t accept the “angels” concept,but now they feel much better because angels own a pure image. The interview at Sangamdong, CJ E&M Centre was full with laughter ,that’s why the reporter wrote : I can feel a different kind of charm,beside than AOA Angels’ image. (via : aceofangels8)

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