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[Trans] 130325 – twitter – Official_AOA – Hyejeong

“@Official_AOA: 안녕하세요 혜정입니당! 여러분!! 요즘 다시 꽃샘추위 라는데 건강 잘 챙기고 계신거죠?!!!!!ㅎㅎ 일교차가 너무 크니까 옷 꼭 따뜻하게 입구 다니기!!!!! 감기 조심하세요~~~^ㅠ^”

[Trans] Hello, it’s Hyejeong! Everyone! These days, it’s spring cold again. You’re taking care of your health well, right?!!!!! Hehe. The temperature swings is really big, so make sure to walk around in warm clothes!!!!! Be careful not to catch cold~~~^ㅠ^

Translated  by @FYAOA



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130324 Live crossover phone call with AOA at Universal Kpop Crazy Party 2013 in Malaysia

by : DearTna via: FYAOA

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[VID] 130325 2013 Seoul Fashion Week – Hyejeong & Seolhyun

by: sportsseoultv

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[Update] [pics] AOA Seolhyun & Lee Seyoung for Clean&Clear



tumblr_mjoppgmoUV1rc95w9o3_250 tumblr_mjoppgmoUV1rc95w9o4_250


source: Clean&Clear blog via : FYAOA

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[PIC] AOA Yuna’s signature on fan’s iPad



source: fnc7plus1 via : FYAOA

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[PICS] 130314 Yale Univ. MBA students visited FNC Entertainment

194638_11426_459 780839_0_550328_90433


Source ; Nate

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[Trans] 130313 – Official_AOA – Seolhyun


“@Official_AOA: 안녕하세요 설현입니다! 귀염둥이 후가 좋아하는 간장계란밥!! 갑자기 넘 먹고싶어서 만들어봤어용ㅎㅎ 그런데… 후가 먹던 밥이 더 맛있어 보이는건 왜일까요ㅠㅠ”

[Trans] Hello, it’s Seolhyun! Cutie after having her favourite ganjanggyeranbab!! Suddenly feel like really want to eat it, so I made. Hehe. But…why does it look more appetizing after I eat the riceㅠㅠ

간장계란밥 (ganjanggyeranbab) = rice with egg and soy sauce

Translated by @FYAOA

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