Name: (신혜정) Shin Hye Jeong
Name Stage : (혜정) Hyejeong
Angel Name: (혜정 리너스)  Hyejeong.Linus
Birthday: August 10, 1993
Blood Type:A
Height: 170 cm
Weight: 48 kg

Position: Sub-Vocalist, Dancer
ideal type : A man who’s humorous and kind, a man who would be fun to be around.
ideal man : Gong Yoo & kim taewoo

  1. AOA ‘who is the most beautiful among the angels’
  2. CF she want to shoot is a Soju CF
  3. Debuted through SBS drama ‘A Gentleman’s Dignity’ prior to AOA’s debut
  4. Hyejeong is a Lead girl on FTISLAND MV ” I Wish”
  5. she was a very shy kid  (via: aceofangels8 )
  6. Her confidence developed after she become a cheerleader and promotional model in high school  (via: aceofangels8 )
  7. Competed in supermodel pageant until the 3rd preliminary round. There, FNC Ent casting director discovered her  (via: aceofangels8 )
  8. She wanted to try MC, acting and various challenges in the (entertainment) field besides singing & dancing on stage  (via: aceofangels8 )
  9. Cast on SBS Cheongdam-dong Alice as Se Kyung’s younger sister Se Jin  (via: aceofangels8 )
  10. Appeared on The Romantic & Idol season I  (via: aceofangels8 )
  11. Sometimes she does not even consider her image  (via: aceofangels8 )
  12. Hyejeong and her friends are sometimes silly  (via: aceofangels8 )
  13. She is good at cooking Kimchi  (via: aceofangels8 )
  14. Hyejeong selca skills are very good  (via: aceofangels8 )
  15. Once you get to know her, Hyejeong is talkative girl  (via: aceofangels8 )
  16. Hyejeong likes to use her email, she said discovered that it really interesting  (via: aceofangels8 )
  17. Likes to wear shorts  (via: aceofangels8 )
  18. Likes to wear hoodie  (via: aceofangels8 )
  19. In the group, she is the fourth young  (via: aceofangels8 )
  20. Has a lot of charm  (via: aceofangels8 )
  21. Hyejeong favourite colour is pink  (via: aceofangels8 )
  22. She likes stretching excercises and yoga  (via: aceofangels8 )
  23. She is the only member of AOA who is an only child (no other siblings)  (via: aceofangels8 )
  24. The one who apply Hyejeong to compete at super model contest is her mom  (via: aceofangels8 )
  25. She become a FNC trainee on 2010 August  (via: aceofangels8 )
  26. AOA’s Yuna said that Hyejeong is 4D  (via: aceofangels8 )
  27. AOA Members think that Hyejeong is sexy and having a good body shape  (via: aceofangels8 )

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