Name: (권민아) Kwon Min Ah
Name Stage: (민아) Mina
Angel Name: (민아링) Minaring
Birthday: September 21, 1993
Blood Type:AB
Height: 160 cm
Weight: 43 kg
Position: Bassist, Rapper, Dancer
Hometown : Busan

  • AOA “Who Plays the Harp All the Time”
  • Mina was an ulzzang
  • role model : American rapper Eve , Uhm Jung-hwa (Korea singer and actress)
  • Hip-hop is the kind of music that mina would like to try out.
  • mina also learned how to write rap lyrics & try to write raps to tunes sang by other artists.
  • CF she want to shoot is a Foods like chicken or pizza CF
  • Dream to become a singer ever since she saw Lee Junghyun’s ‘Wa’ stage But living in Busan at that time, the opportunity for Mina (to achieve her dream) is very rare Then her family move to Seoul, that’s when she grab her chance to be a singer (via: aceofangels8 )
  • She likes Math & Music (via: aceofangels8 )

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