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[Trans] 130809 – Official_AOA – Y

[Trans] Hello! It’s Youkyoung!! We presented AOA ‘MOYA’ items to Shindong sunbaenim, glad that he likes it!! *^0^* Shindong sunbaenim & AOA BLACK together on tonight Sim!Sim!Ta!Pa! You’ll listen to it a lot right~?

@Official_AOA: 안녕하세요! 유경이에요!! 신동 선배님께 모야템을 드렸는데 정말정말 좋아해주셔서 기뻤어요!! *^0^* 신동 선배님과 AOA 블랙이 함께하는 심!심!타!파! 오늘 밤 많이많이 들어주실거죠~?

translated by :  @FYAOA



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[Trans] Official_AOA – Y

“[Trans] Hello, it’s Youkyoung! For the first time, unit AOA Black come out with an album. I especially active only in AOA Black, it feels new! I will work much harder for this single MOYA! Also please give AOA lots of interest and keep an eye on us!!

“@Official_AOA: 안녕하세요 유경입니다! 처음으로 유닛인 AOA 블랙으로 나오는 앨범이라 AOA 블랙에서만 활동하는 저는 특히 감회가 새롭습니다! 그만큼 더 열심히 할테니 이번 싱글 MOYA! 그리고 AOA 많은 관심가지고 지켜봐 주세요!!”

translated by :  @FYAOA

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[Trans] Y interview


Youkyung is a fan of Super Junior’s Heechul. He is the one who has made Youkyung finding her dream. One day at a show, Heechul mentioned that he likes Dir en grey.
Youkyung said, “Before that I didn’t know what kind of Dir en grey band is, so I listen to their songs. At first I was liked “What kind of music is this?” Then I listen to the drum sound and it become more in line with my heart. And so I began learning drum and have a dream to become a drummer. If I met him I want to tell him ‘Thank you for making me found my dreams’.”
Source & Translation: @_Jaelim
Repost: AceOfAngels8

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[VID] AOA “Love Letter” Event ! _ YouKyung


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[VID] 121026 AOA ‘Black’ GET OUT @ KBS2 Music Bank

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[PICS] 121025 AOA at “007 Premiere”

credits : Jimin International, FYAOA

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[VIDS] 120906 AOA at Simsimtapa (with DJ Eunhyuk)

*120906 AOA at Simsimtapa part 1

*120906 AOA at Simsimtapa part 2

*120906 AOA at Simsimtapa part 3

*120906 AOA at Simsimtapa part 4

*120906 AOA at Simsimtapa part 5

*120906 AOA at Simsimtapa part 6

*120906 AOA at Simsimtapa part 7

*120906 AOA at Simsimtapa part 8

credits : yiyi6788的頻道

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