Name: (박초아) Park Cho Ah
Name Stage : (초아) Choa
Angel Name: (초아야) Choaya
Birthday: March 6, 1990
Blood Type:O
Height: 160 cm
Weight: 42 kg
Position: Main Vocalist, Guitarist, Dancer
ideal type : styles that are neat and smart – Choi Yoon (Kim Min Jong) in [SBS’] A Gentleman’s Dignity

  1. AOA ‘heavenly voice’
  2. Choa is the member that plays the role of a mother in our group
  3. choa’s a great cook among the member
  4. choa once made porridge for Seolhyun when she was sick
  5. choa’s just a strong person and she’s doing a great job in taking care of AOA member.
  6. commercials she want to shoot is a Cellphone commercials
  7. Always dream to become a singer since she was a kid. (via : aceofangels8)
  8. In high school, she practice singing alone at night and went to auditions. Failed her auditions many times but she didn’t give up. (via : aceofangels8)
  9. She wanted to apply music major in university but her conservative father was hoping for her to get a normal job. So she unwillingly enrolled in Aviation Business Administration in Inha Technical College (via : aceofangels8)
  10. One day she bumped into JUNIEL and she told Choa about FNC audition for their girl group, AOA. (via : aceofangels8)
  11. Her parents opposed her dream to become a singer but then gave her the permission since she’s most likely to inherit from her mom who was majored in piano. (via : aceofangels8)

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  1. Marissol

    my bias ♥♥

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