The 8 members of AOA all live in the same dorm. Many of us wonder how 8 girls can live in harmony together and just what dorm life is really like. Through This interview we hope to understand what dorm life is really like.
Jimin Is like a Father and Choa is like a Mother
AOA members live together as one harmonious family. They are affectionate with each other and fill the dorm with warmth. Leader Jimin is just like a father to the other members .Jimin keeps the mischievous members of AOA in line as well as keeping the dorm quiet and the members respectful ,just like a father would.
If Jimin is the father then Choa is most defiantly the mother.
Choa has the most sincere and serious personality within AOA . Choa,will cook and look after the members if they are sick. She also comforts and encourages the other members when they feel down. Mina added that Choa is not like an unnie to her but she is someone that reminds her of her mother.
Yuna is the “eldest child” within the AOA Family .”Parents”Jimin and Choa don’t need to worry about Yuna as she takes good care of the other members . Jimin added that ” Yuna is her “Kind-hearted eldest daughter”
Youkyung is thea quiet brother who dosn’t like to speak
Chanmi is the spoilt maknae and AOA’s resident wild child. Yuna never scolds Chanmi for her mischievous behavior.
Mina looks just like a maknae due to her baby like looks, she like to act cute just like a real maknae.

According to the roommate’s ” sleeping habits”
As AOA live together in the dorm the management expects AOA to take responsibility of their living quarters Compared to the dorm, AOA spend more time in the practice room.
As for Chores first, Yuna and Hyejeong will gather up the clothes together and put them into the washing machine.
After they’re done,Jimin and Mina will unload the washing machine and Seolhyun will fold the clothes.Youkyung and Chanmi are in charge of doing the dishes..
AOA members have 3 rooms in their dorm. Mina,Choa,Seolhyun and Hyejeong shared one room. They called their room the “Quiet Room”. As after Hyejeong comes back from exercise,most of the time she will go straight to sleep and the other members do the same.
Chanmi, Jimin and Youkyung Share a room.They called their room the “Come To Play Room”. They are by far the loudest room in the dorm. Everday Youkyung will sleep until 5-6 a.m.
Yuna and AOA;s manager share the same room. They called the room the ” Love Room”.

rough translation by @ Jaelim
edited by Ace-of-Angels

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