Choa entered FNC through Juniel. Due to the fact that she was so highly recommended by Juniel she got to skip all the selective trials .At first Choa only wanted to focus on singing but eventually she learned both the keyboard and the drums.


Jimin lived in China for two years. As her cousin lives in china she was able to easily adapt. Once she returned back to South Korea her mother and older sister gave her money to enroll in Chinese school but she used the money to enroll in a school of music instead. She says if she hadn’t of done that she would not have become a singer. The L in Jimin’s angel name Jiminel stands for leader.

Yuna began to perform piano at the age of 7. Her dream as a child was to become the Korean Alicia Keys.She has a great deal of respect for Lena Park,Lim Jeong Hee and Gummy.

Before debut, Hyejeong already had played a small role in  the drama ” A Gentleman’s Dignity ‘,although her role was very small she was happy as it was her first time acting. Hyejeong was a model for her school and also a cheerleader.

-Before Youkyung joined AOA,she was the drummer for SPONGE Band. As she was interested in performing she enrolled into a music school,the teacher from the school was the producer for FNC’s upcoming Band and recommended her to join..Youkyung is more interested in performing on the drums than singing.

-Mina loves to write. In the future she would love to have a chance to write a Fiction Novel. As she loves to write she also enjoys writing rap lyrics. She want’s to write lyrics that inspire people to the point where she is known as the crazy rapper.When She’s alone she loves to sketch and color.

-Seolhyun was the winner of the 8th Annual Smart Model contest in 2010. She also become trainee in 2010, her dream is to become an award winning actress in the future but  for now she wishes to be a member of AOA and become a good singer

-Chanmi had the dream to became singer  ever since she saw BOA on the television as a child. In her second grade of junior high she became a FNC trainee. After she met FT Island and CNBlue her desire to become a singer grew drastically. Chanmi was always more interested in music and dancing then academics so she enrolled in the school of broadcast so she could focus more on music.

Translation Credits: @_Jaelim repost by: ace-of-angels


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