Name: (김찬미) Kim Chan Mi
Name Stage : ( 찬미) Chanmi
Angel Name: (찬미 티.티) Chanmi T.T
Birthday: June 19, 1996
Blood Type:AB
Height: 166 cm
Weight: 47 kg
Position: Sub-Vocalist, Dancer, Maknae
ideal type : a man who have their own little worlds & A man who can join in what she like.. like eating chocolate together!
Sleeping habits : Intermediate-Talking
Hometown : Daegu, Gumi


  • AOA ‘giant baby’ 
  • love dancing and crafts
  • Chanmi’s love for her bed was severe enough to make her a worthy candidate for tvN’s Martian Virus as a ‘bed obsessed girl’
  • she want all of her stuff to be at arm distance whenever she reach out in her sleep
  • Chanmi use a bunk bed with choa,Chanmi uses the top bunk while choa use the bottom bunk
  • Chanmi obsessed with making ribbons and other accessories
  • CF she want to shoot is a chocolate CF
  • As a kid, she was a very active child. So her mum send her to dancing school. Her live changed ever since her mum introduced her to dance. (via: aceofangels8 )

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