[NEWS] ‘The Romantic & Idol’ to be extended into 8 episodes

To the delight of many fans, tvN‘s new variety program ‘The Romantic & Idol‘ has announced its plans of extending the duration of the show!

The show had originally been planned for a total of 4 episodes, but with the positive response they’ve been receiving, the show has revealed that it plans to extend from 4 episodes to 8 episodes.

A representative commented on the 19th, “Although we were originally expecting 4 episodes, as we have obtained many scenes worthy of broadcasting and the response has been good, there have been increasing opinions on extending the show. As we are still in the process of editing, it hasn’t been finalized, but it seems it’ll definitely be more than 6 episodes. We are expecting up to 8 episodes.”

The filming for the episodes took place over a course of three nights and four days on Jeju Island, and was planned to be broadcast over the course of 4 weeks with one part each week. However, as there are many shots that have to be included with a total of 8 idols taking part, the show may be possibly spread out over the course of 8 weeks.

Source : allkpop


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