[HIRING ADMIN ] we need admins, tweet translator,WP author,& subber for AOA_Nation ! there’s no dateline ! we’ll stop till we found 3 admins!

There are going to be a few rules & requirements for being an admin, I won’t be strict but you must have all the requirements..


1. Activeness on the stated fanbase.
2. Be responsible, friendly and outgoing. Always do your best to help out our followers with their enquiries.
3. Knows where to get updated news, photos, videos etc. of the stated group.
4. You should know the stated group well.

1. You have to update almost everyday when there are pictures or important updates. There is no time limit but there MUST be updates. (Min. 3 days of a week)
2. If you can understand some Korean or Japanese post (like stated group’s twitter post, fancafe post, company’s notice, informations, updates, interviews etc.), do translate it but if you can’t understand some just leave it. other has a translations for that.
3. Look at the tags in “LINKS” and you will know what you will need to update and how I tag them.
4. Our fanbase usually find its own source of information. However, you need to know how to do proper credits if you are using other fanbases’ infos.
5. You can ask for a hiatus when there are circumstances that do not allow you to be on the internet. Eg. exams, your laptop crash, your internet is not working properly, etc
6. When you are going on hiatus, you MUST inform me beforehand.
7. Our fanbase NOT SHARE AN RUMOUR or RE-SHARE ..just leave it if there’s no confirmation about it,or u can ask me before u share it ~

the rules is same with the [ADMIN REQUIREMENTS] , but the important is YOU MUST know/understand KOREAN & ENGLISH !

-must know how to use WordPress
– Knows where to get updated news, photos, videos etc. of the stated group.

can you accept the requirement & rules?
if you interest, you can apply by mention ( @AOA_Nation ) and sent email ( aceofangelsnation@yahoo.com ) :

*Email address
*DOB (Date of Birth)
*Personal wordpress account/Tumblr
*Twitter username
*Experience of being admin (if yes,type down your fanbase name)
*Can you read hangul? other
*want to apply as : Twitter Admin / Translator / WordPress Author *u can choose more than 1*
you can mention me ( @cMozza11 ) too for more information ~

*do note,we need a person who want to hard work & know how to be nice admin :)*

will reply soon 🙂