[Trans] Official_AOA – Chanmi

[Trans] Hello!! It’s AOA’s youngest sister, Chanmi♥ Today is my first birthday after debut!! My sisters, ELVIS and lots of other people wished me today! It seems like I’ve got lots of birthday wishes on my 18th birthday. Hehe. Thank you very much everyone and to those who celebrated birthday on same day as mine!! Happy birthday♥

@Official_AOA: 안녕하세요!! AOA막둥이찬미입니다♥오늘은 데뷔하고 첫 생일이에요!! 우리언니들 엘비스들 등등 많은분들이 축하해주셨어요 오늘! 열여덟살 생일에 젤많은 사람들에게 축하받은것같아요ㅎㅎ 모두 너무 감사드리고 저와 함께 생일을 맞이한분들!! 생일축하합니당♥

translated by :  @FYAOA



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