[Trans] 130523 – Official_AOA – Hyejeong

Trans] AOA has arrived in Singapore!!❤❤❤❤ Finally arrived in Singapore after over 7 hours!!!!! Hehe. Tadah!! Just looking around outside with Jimin eonni!! Very pretty. Hehe. Tomorrow I’ll do well at Music Matter Showcase!! Hwaiting!!!!!!❤

@Official_AOA: AOA 싱가폴에 떴다!!❤❤❤❤ 7시간에 걸쳐 드디어 싱가폴에 도착했어요!!!!!ㅎㅎ 짜잔!! 찌민언니랑 밖에 구경 했어용!! 넘예쁨ㅎㅎ 내일 뮤직매터스 쇼케이스도 잘 해내고 올게요!! 화이팅!!!!!!❤


translated by :  @FYAOA

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