[Trans] 130522 – Official_AOA – Chanmi

[Trans] Our handsome & pretty ELVIS~ It’s Chanmi. Hehe. We are going to Singapore for Music Matters Showcase!! Nervous. This is our first time to do a performance at such showcase. Please anticipate! In fact, you can watch the live broadcast on Youtube!! You guys will watch us, right??>_<

@Official_AOA: 멋쟁이이뿌니 엘비스~찬미예요ㅎㅎ 뮤직매터스 쇼케이스 때문에 싱가폴에 갑니당!! 듀근듀근 이번에 처음으로 선보이는 퍼포먼스도 있으니 기대해 주시구요! 유투브로 생중계 된다는 사실!! 저희 지켜봐 주실거죠??>_<

translated by :  @FYAOA



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