[Trans] 130208 – twitter – @.Official_AOA – Yuna

@Official_AOA: 안녕하세용!! 유나예요 오늘 이뿐 우리 동생 졸업식에 왔어요 학교 졸업했을 때가 생각나는 오늘이예요ㅠㅠ 벌써 동생이 중학교를 졸업했다니 너무 신기해요 헤헤 오늘은 유리와 행복한 하루 보낼꼬에여~~♥ 졸업하신 모든 분들 축하드립니다!!!

[Trans] Hello!! It’s Yuna. Today, I attended our little sister’s graduation. It’s reminds me the time when I graduated from schoolㅠㅠ Can’t believe that my little little sister is graduating from middle school. It really amazes me. Hehe. Today, I’ll spend some time with Yuri on this happy day~~♥ To everyone who graduated today, congratulations!!!

Trans by @FYAOA




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