[Trans] 130122 -twitter- @ Official_AOA – Mina & Jimin

[Trans] It’s AOA Mina!! Finally joining variety show. Hehe. deoldeoldeoldeoldeol (deoldeol “덜덜” means shiver) Today I was so nervous at our first variety show broadcast shooting..but glad that we’re doing it together with the seniors, I was able to finish the recording safely with peace of mind! It was really really fun and happy shooting with great seniors. Hehe. Star among the star! King among the king! Star~~~~~King♥

@Official_AOA: AOA 민아입니다!! 드디어 예능 진출ㅎㅎ 덜덜덜덜덜 오늘 첫예능 방송을 찍게되어서 너무 긴장됐었는데.. 다행히 이렇게 선배님들과 함께 출연하게 되어서 편안한 마음으로 무사히 녹화를 마칠수 있었습니다! 좋은 선배님들과 너무나두 재밌구 행복한 촬영이였어용ㅎㅎ 스타중에 스타! 킹중에 킹! 스타아~~~~~킹♥

Trans by @FYAOA

tumblr_mgzjbtUkxj1rc95w9o1_500 tumblr_mgzjbtUkxj1rc95w9o2_1280

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