[Trans] 121129 – twitter – @OfficialAOA – Jimin

“@Official_AOA: 찌민입니다 손이 꽁꽁꽁*-* 날씨가 너무 추워요 다들 감기조심 >_< 감기예방엔 비타민 C덩어리 귤과 충분한 수면이 좋다네요!! 아! 그리고 오늘 저녁 민아와 함께 쉐키루붐선배님의 영스트리트에 출연하니까 다들 많이많이 들어주세요 @_@ 뿅”

[Trans] It’s Jimin. My hands are freezing*-* The weather is so cold. Everyone be careful not to catch cold >_< Eat vitamin C, tangerines and get enough sleep are good to prevent cold!! Ah! And tonight me and Mina are going to appear on Boom sunbaenim’s Youngstreet so everyone please listen to it a lot @_@ Bbyong

Trans by @FYAOA.tumblr_me8mncfYIo1rc95w9o1_500


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