[NEWS] 121015 AOA′s Jimin Proves She′s a Real Rapper by Writing Rap Parts

AOA′s Jimin is a true rapper; it was revealed she wrote the rap parts for all three songs in the group′s second single album Wanna Be.

She previously wrote the rap for Temptation, a track in AOA′s debut single album, and this time she′s gone farther and written for all the tracks in the group′s album.

In the group′s new single Get Out, she also drew attention with her unique rap tone.


Jimin said, “A lot of people have said that my rap sounds like I have a dialect, but I just wanted to express what I heard in the guide version. I pronounced [a repetitive word differently], and this was an effort to retain the feeling the male guide version gave me.”

Get Out is a pop piece that harmoniously brings together synthesizers and band sounds, and expresses the love emotions of those in their teens and 20s. Happy Ending is an R&B pop piece with girly emotions, and My Song expresses the girls′ passions toward their dreams.

AOA has performed the band version of Get Out with its five member unit, AOA Black, from the October 12 broadcast of KBS2′s Music Bank. From the next week, it plans to perform the dance version of Get Out with seven members.

Source : enewsworld


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