[TWITTER] 120821 Show Champion Updates about AOA

@showchampion1 : #1

“지난주에 이어 쇼챔을 찾은 가요계 신예 천사돌 AOA! 리허설 후 대기실에서 만난 혜정의 셀카를 쏩니다^-^ 오늘 저녁 7시 MBC 뮤직 쇼챔피언 본방사수~!


[Translation] : Last week, they were found on Show Champion, new girl group Angel-dol AOA!  After rehearsal we met with HyeJeong and she took a selca^-^ Tonight at 7PM MBC Music Show Champion~!



@showchampion1 : #2

“AOA 설현과 초아^^ 빛이있는 복도로 나와서 한컷 찰칵! 얼굴도 조막만하고 인사도 잘하는 예쁜 AOA멤버들~ 오늘 저녁 7시 MBC 뮤직 쇼챔피언에서 함께해요~ 채.널.고.정!”



AOA’s SeolHyun and Choa^^ They lighted up the hallway with their selca! Their face is humble and their grettings were good, pretty AOA members~ Tonight 7PM MBC Music Show Champion~ Don’t.Change.The.Channel!

translated by :  aoasingapore


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