[TWITTER] 120817 AOA’s Official Twitter Update ~ chanmi

Original Tweet:

“막내 찬미입니당ㅎ오늘 뮤직뱅크 두번째 무대를 했어요! 첫무대 때는 정말 내려오니까 기억이 안나고 앞이 안보이고 그랬는데..오늘은 팬분들도 보이고 너무 좋았어요!ㅎ 점점 더 나아지겠죠? 앞으로도 기대해주세용♥ >_<”

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[Trans]: This is maknae(youngest) Chanmi ㅎ Today we did our second stage on Music Bank! During our first stage, really, it was as if I couldn’t remember anything(that happened) after I cam down the stage, I felt like I couldn’t see anything in front of me..Today when I saw the fans(supporting), I really liked it!ㅎ I’ll slowly slowly get over it right?(nervousness) In future too, anticipate it♥ >_<

Source: AOA’s Official Twitter

Translated by: AOAsingapore


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