[TWITTER] 120816 MCountdown Twitter Updates about AOA

#1 Original Tweet:

“지난 주 M countdown으로 데뷔한 AOA! 한 주만에 무대에 완벽적응했더라고요. 핀을 꽂아도 이렇게 상큼한 표정이라니! 무대에서는 얼마나 더 빛이날지 잠시 후 6시에 만나요.”

[Trans]: AOA who had their debut last week on M countdown! It’s been only a week but the’ve received perfect support on stage. Even with a pin clipped to her hair she has a fresh expression! Not long till’ they shine on stage, see you later at 6PM(KST).

#2 Original Tweet:

“준비하는 모습도 상콤한 트랜스포머돌 AOA! 빨리 만나보고 싶으시죠? 기대하세요!”

[Trans] : Even while preparing they are still fresh, transformer-dol AOA! You want to meet them quickly right? Anticipate(/look forward to) it!

Source: M!Countdown  Twitter 

Translation: AOAsingapore


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