[NEWS] 120724 AOA (Ace of Angels) Releases First Video Teaser of its ′Angels′

After revealing the member teaser images of the harp, lute and glasses-filled-with-water playing ‘angels’, an official video teaser for the upcoming FNC girl group AOA (Ace of Angels)was released on July 24.

The newly released video teaser picks up right where we last left off as the half angel-half human member Y had opened the gates to earth from heaven and had come down with the seven angels.

The video shows a group of people walking around a theater that reads ‘Elvis’ before fiery comet-like objects hurl to the ground revealing each angel member of AOA. The public looks on in wonder and amazement at the winged AOA members as the seven members walk into formation and are seen magically losing their wings.

With the mysterious eighth member, Y, nowhere to be seen, fans are hoping they can catch a glimpse of her in the second video teaser for AOA when it gets its release on July 26.

AOA will then hold its official showcase on July 30 to make its official debut.

Photo credit: FNC + eNewsworld


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