[NEWS] 120723 FNC’s new girl group, AOA, reveals eighth member, half angel, Y

FNC Entertainment, the home to talented artists like F.T. Island, CNBLUE, and Juniel,  recently opened up the teaser site for their upcoming girl group, AOA!

The site’s main page shows a book with “pages” some of which will be revealed at a later date.

The first teaser image revealed showed the first page of the book with the title, ‘Angel’s Story‘.  The first teaser also revealed that the name AOA stands for “Ace of Angels“.

So far we’ve been introduced to the first angel Seolhyunari [Brain Among the Angels], second angel Choaya [Who Has A Heavenly Voice], third angel Hyejeong.Linus [Who is the Most Beautiful Among Angels], fourth angel Chanmi T.T [Who Loves to Dance], fifth angel Yunaria [Who Loves to Play the Glasses Filled with Water], and sixth angel Minaring [Who Plays the Harp All the Time] and seventh angel Jiminel [Rute player, and the leader of 7 angels] .

Now, the last angel, Y“, [Half Angel], who is described as “the mix between an angel and a human” has been revealed!

Stay tuned as they reveal more of ‘Angel’s Story’ in subsequent teasers.

Source + Image: AOA’s Teaser Site + Allkpop


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