‎[News] Jung Yong Hwa Co-Composes AOA Single “Love Is Only You”

AOA Philippines

“CNBLUE fans and netizens spotted an interesting tidbit of information today.  In a scan of theKorean Music Copyright Association‘s newest listing, it was found that credits to Jung Yong Hwa was made for lyrics and music for FNC‘s newest girl group, AOA (Ace of Angels).   In the single titled “Love Is Only You“, attribution to lyrics was made to Jung, together with FNC’s chief executive Han Seung Ho.  Attribution to composition (i.e. music) was solely made to Yong Hwa.”


“This information positions Yong Hwa’s strength as a well-rounded musician. With FNC boasting a new concept for AOA, it would be exciting to learn what Yong Hwa has contributed. This can also mean a wider variety of possibilities for future CNBLUE music, with Yong Hwa at the band’s helm and his recent experiences producing and co-composing with Juniel and now, AOA.
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